Nextant Claims Europe Is Prime Market for 400XT

 - March 3, 2013, 2:28 AM

According to Nextant Aerospace, there are currently just over 1,500 “entry-level jets” in Europe, and approximately 20 percent of them are for sale. Its launch operator in Europe is Czech charter firm Time Air; another aircraft is based in Germany and a third will soon be delivered to a client in Switzerland.

AIN took a flight in Time Air’s 400XT with managing director Martin Prazsky and one other passenger. Accommodation with the club-four seats and a three-place divan was comfortable, and conversation was easy in terms of noise levels at cruise altitude. The aircraft features a lavatory to the rear, with some accessible baggage space.

Time Air’s jet was delivered last August and, according to Prazsky, since then has never flown fewer than 60 hours per month. Many of its charter clients are Russians and it tends to charge around €2,100 per flight hour.