Remodeled Pulkovo-2 Offers FBO Choice

 - April 2, 2013, 3:50 AM

In early March, AviaGroup Nord announced plans for a major redevelopment of the Pulkovo-2 terminal in St. Petersburg. The project will transform a 1950s-era airline terminal into a modern business aviation complex and is scheduled for completion by November.

Since the building has protected historical status, AviaGroup Nord is able to make only limited changes to its façade, but internally everything is changing, except for the retention of some striking Soviet-era aviation-themed artwork.

The reconstructed facility will have a nominal passenger capacity of 75,000 annually. It has departure and arrival halls, private meeting rooms, conference halls and a duty-free shop. Currently it serves only domestic flights, but flights abroad will be possible in the future through addition of an international section.

As reported in the Russian press, in 2011 St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport administration sold the old building for almost $6.5 million to AviaGroup Nord and its partner, Air Gates of the Northern Capital. The restoration effort saw $22 million spent by December last year and the total investment is expected to reach $32 million when work is complete. Additionally, the investors have spent $11.3 million to acquire and rebuild nearby hangars.

According to Russian press reports, the Pulkovo-2 project has been coordinated, structured, funded and executed by local entrepreneur Gennady Timchenko.