Avia Pulse: Take A Deep Breath and Relax

 - May 3, 2013, 2:33 AM

When oxygen is required, nothing else will do. The new Avia Pulse DE series emergency portable pulse oxygen system from Avia Technique is one answer.

Introduced at AIX last month, the system is “a major improvement over everything that has come before,” according to the Berkshire, UK-based company that developed it.

The DE series has five pulse settings and constant-flow settings of two and four liters per minute. It consists of a lightweight DOT-approved cylinder available in three sizes. A newly designed “cage” protects the regulator, conserver and pressure gauge and makes handling easier. The cage has withstood a three-meter impact drop test.

The conserver gives “an extremely economical performance,” according to Avia. It releases a bolus of oxygen each time the sensor registers a small drop in pressure in the passenger’s nose, then closes quickly to conserve oxygen.