Cobham Signals Intent To Lead the Way

 - May 3, 2013, 2:35 AM

With the Aviator SwiftBroadband series now part of its repertoire, newly formed Cobham business unit Cobham Satcom has signaled its intent to lead the way in the in-flight communication sector.

Cobham Satcom was formed last October after British defense equipment manufacturer Cobham acquired Danish satellite telecommunications group Thrane & Thrane in July last year. The business unit now consists of the skilled experts and engineers who created the Aviator and the Omnipless brands.

“The opportunity to join these two businesses creates the engineering platform to really make a leap in the kind of satellite systems available,” said Kim Gram, v-p of Cobham Satcom.

Cobham Satcom’s portfolio already consists of a broad spectrum of SwiftBroadband solutions, including Aviator 200, 300 and 350, as well as Aviator 700 and 700D. They support “a host of advanced applications, from cockpit voice dialing to in-flight calling, to e-mail and Internet browsing for passengers.”