Aspen Evolution Gets ADS-B solutions

 - May 4, 2013, 2:00 AM

Aspen Avionics is now offering ADS-B solutions for owners of its Evolution PFD and MFD products. There are two ADS-B product lines, one for delivery of ADS-B data from portable receivers to Aspen’s Connected Panel system and another for certified ADS-B solutions that meet the Jan. 1, 2020 ADS-B out mandate.

Aspen’s CG100 Connected Pilot devices have been updated to accept input from portable ADS-B receivers and can now deliver that data to Aspen PFDs and MFDs. A new product is the CG50, which also delivers ADS-B data to Aspen PFDs/MFDs as well as via Wi-Fi to Apple iPads. The CG50 sells for $949.

Aspen has partnered with another manufacturer (undisclosed) to make three new ADS-B systems compatible with Evolution PFDs/MFDs.

The $1,695 Aspen ARX100 a dual-band (978 and 1090 MHz) receiver that adds free weather and traffic data to aircraft already equipped with a Mode-S extended squitter transponder and ADS-B-compliant Waas GPS.

For aircraft without an extended-squitter Mode-S or just a Mode-A/C transponder but with Waas GPS, Aspen offers the $3,995 ATX200 dual-band ADS-B in, 978 MHz ADS-B out transceiver, designed for aircraft operating below 18,000 feet.

Also for operating below 18,000 feet, the $4,995 ATX200G includes dual-band ADS-B in and 978 MHz ADS-B out with a Waas GPS.