IntelliUSB Adjusts To Charge Devices at Proper Amperage

 - May 4, 2013, 3:20 AM

Emteq has introduced a universal USB charging device for aircraft cabins. The new IntelliUSB SR can charge most portable devices by detecting the initial voltage when the device is plugged in, then selecting the proper charging technology. The three technologies supported are Apple’s iOS, Samsung (for Android devices) and Battery Charging 1.2 (used on many phones in Asia). While other USB receptacles can charge various devices, many default to a low power output of about 200 milliamps if the device doesn’t match the outlet’s specific charging technology, according to Emteq marketing specialist Peter Tessman. The IntelliUSB SR, however, charges Apple devices at the correct 2.1 amps, Samsung at 1.8 amps and BC 1.2 devices at 500 milliamps.