Jupiter wi-Jac Makes Headsets Wireless

 - May 4, 2013, 2:25 AM

Jupiter Avionics introduced its wi-Jac wireless headset/intercom adapter at the AEA show. The $995 wi-Jac system consists of two adapters, one that plugs into the aircraft’s headset jack and another that the headset plugs into. No installation is required, and the wi-Jac system not only eliminates tangled wires in the cockpit but also allows crewmembers to exit the aircraft and remain in communication with each other, instead of unplugging the headset and using a handheld radio.

The wi-Jac uses digital enhanced cordless telecommunications technology on frequencies from 1.8 to 2.4 GHz, similar to portable telephones. Range is thus approximately 300 feet, according to Jupiter president Mitch Stinson, and the wi-Jac doesn’t suffer from side-tone delays or echo cancellation found in Bluetooth systems.

Jupiter’s ProCS Windows software is used to configure the wi-Jac to the specific headset and intercom system in the aircraft, but wi-Jac will operate without configuration. wi-Jac runs on three rechargeable AAA batteries for about eight hours. For aircraft with dual headset/headphone jacks, Jupiter offers adapter cables, which may also be needed if the intercom adapter jack is not flush with the panel.

Jupiter also introduced a new line of strong gloveboxes, mounted using four Dzus fasteners. The simple glovebox sells for $199, and for $399 Jupiter makes a glovebox with a USB socket.