Former FBO Operator Scot Spencer Faces Charges

 - May 5, 2013, 1:55 AM

The head of the former Million Air franchise at California’s San Bernardino International Airport was arrested at the end of March on charges of conspiracy and perjury that claim he and a co-conspirator siphoned money from the airport. Scot Spencer, the airport’s former developer who headed SBD Airport Services and several other businesses at the airport, ran afoul of the San Bernardino Airport Authority early last year when he neglected to maintain a sufficient fuel reserve at the airport’s FBO, leading the authority to dissolve his fueling contract. It took over fueling operations at the airport in March 2012, requiring the FBO to pay up front for any fuel pumped from the airport’s fuel farm. Citing unpaid debts by Spencer’s company, Million Air stripped its franchise label from the FBO, and the airport authority subsequently ended SBD’s contract to manage the facility. A bankruptcy judge ordered SBD to vacate the multimillion-dollar FBO. The airport authority assumed full control of the facility last December and, according to airport manager Bill Ingraham, currently has no plans to find an outside company to manage it.