New TAS and Tcas I Added to Garmin Traffic Lineup

 - June 2, 2013, 3:15 AM

Garmin’s new GTS 825 TAS (traffic advisory system) and GTS 855 Tcas I (traffic alert and collision avoidance system) had already received FAA technical standard order approval when they were introduced in March. Garmin is now working on approved model list supplemental type certificates for the GTS 825 and 855.

Both systems offer improved performance and range, according to Garmin, and include Garmin Clear CAS technology, which stands for correlated location enhanced ADS-B receiver collision avoidance system. Clear CAS correlates active (from the GTS systems) and passive (from ADS-B) surveillance data to give pilots a clearer picture of actual traffic hazards. Garmin expects to add the capability for GTS systems with Clear CAS “to provide enhanced information about a target aircraft, including flight ID, altitude, velocity and direction on select displays.”

GTS systems transmit interrogations and use replies from other aircraft to compute their range, bearing, relative altitude and closure rate. After enhancing “location data received from ADS-B out-equipped targets,” according to Garmin, the GTS “plots the traffic location, predicts collision threats and depicts the information on the traffic display.” Audio alerts are also available “in an ATC-like spoken format.”

The GTS TAS comes in two versions: the GTS 800 TAS, with 40 watts of transmit power and validated range up to 22 nm; and the $19,995 GTS 825 TAS, which offers range up to 40 nm with a 400-watt transmitter.

The GTS 855 Tcas I retails for $24,995 and also has 400 watts of transmit power but double the interrogation range at 80 nm. According to Garmin, “the GTS 8000 is also available to meet the FAA’s Tcas/ACAS II certification criteria.”

Aircraft equipped with Garmin displays can show traffic on map or traffic pages as well as Garmin synthetic vision technology-equipped primary flight displays and some third-party displays.