Paris Air Show 2013 Preview: Recruiting for Aerospace’s Future

 - June 2, 2013, 1:11 AM

Paris Air Show organizers have redoubled the event’s emphasis on recruiting new talent to the aerospace sector. “We [the industry] need to invest a lot in young people if we are to be ready for increasing production rates in the coming years,” said SIAE chairman and CEO Emeric d’Arcimoles.

The Concorde Hall will feature an enlarged jobs and training area dominated by a specially constructed 3,000-sq-m aircraft mockup called the “Career Plane,” where young people and those looking for a career change will be able to speak to existing engineers, pilots and other aviation professionals. Inside the mockup some 100 companies and 50 different aviation jobs will be represented. “We think the dialog between young people and workers could make it attractive for them to take a job in aerospace,” said an SIAE spokesman. “We created 8,000 jobs in the French industry last year but we need 3,000 more [than that] each year.”


As a an aerospace recruiter for over 30 years - I agree that there is a drastic shortage of technical talent within the aerospace industry. Additionally, the industry has done a terrible job at the management levels with poor succession planning. Many aerospace GM's and CEO's have hung on to their jobs far too long. They have not passed there knowledge along to eager young executives which in turn has led to their leaving the industry, in search of career path advancement.

Congratulations to the organizers of the Paris Airshow in highlighting the need to bring new young talent into the aviation industry. During the last century young talent flocked to join the aviation industry. Today not so! IT, computer and other advanced new technological industries are targets for employment for young folks.
Aviation must work harder to attract new innovative and creative young women
and men.

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