Sennheiser Unveils Updated HMEC 26-2 Headset

 - July 4, 2013, 1:45 AM

Sennheiser’s updated active noise cancellation HMEC 26-2 headset adds comfort, noise protection and a higher sound pressure level to the HMEC 26. To improve the fit for a wider variety of pilots, Sennheiser redesigned the two-piece automatic headband so it can be opened another 20 degrees. Restricting folding of the ear cups to a 45-degree angle improves wearing stability. The microphone boom is made of a new steel that remains in the set position more securely, according to Sennheiser.

The HMEC 26-2 adds protection from noise sources such as on-board power generators and windshield heating systems. The headset’s cables are equipped with four coils that “isolate the headset acoustically from noise normally produced when the cable is moved in contact with the pilot’s clothing,” the company said. In response to customer requests, the sound pressure level is six decibels higher so pilots can increase volume when necessary.

Typical street price for the TSO’d HMEC 26-2 is less than $900.