Gulfstream Opens First International Sales Showroom

 - July 6, 2013, 3:30 AM
Gulfstream’s new London sales and design office provides a more convenient location for customers based outside North America to design their aircraft interiors and select the materials.

Gulfstream has made shopping for its aircraft more convenient for European, Middle Eastern and African customers with the opening of a London sales and design center. Located in the heart of the city, in upper-crust Mayfair, the 5,500-sq-ft center provides easier access for international customers, who no longer have to journey to the U.S. to view their cabin interior choices.

The new showroom is Gulfstream’s first such facility outside the U.S., joining locations at its Savannah headquarters and in Dallas. The facility includes a showroom stocked with the full range of leathers, fabrics, veneers, carpet and other furnishings for interiors. Conference rooms and customer offices are also available. As they can at the other two design centers, customers can use the company’s DesignBook visualization software to create a realistic rendering of the aircraft cabin in real time on a touchscreen monitor or tablet computer screen, allowing them to cycle through and narrow down design options.

“Because of London’s stature as one of the world’s financial and cultural capitals, many of our customers and potential customers worldwide have business interests there and visit frequently or have a residence in the area,” said Scott Neal, Gulfstream’s vice president for sales and marketing. “They’ll now have a convenient Gulfstream facility in London where they can go through the aircraft selection and cabin-design process easily and efficiently.”

Trevor Esling, regional senior vice president of international sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will be based there, along with half a dozen other company employees, including a sales engineer, a customer specifications specialist, contracts specialists and administration staff.