AirVenture 2013

 - August 27, 2013, 9:15 AM
The North 40 parking/camping area filled up quickly, and excellent weather, amazing attractions and thousands of aircraft made this year’s AirVenture something special.

This year’s EAA AirVenture started out cloudy, cool and gloomy, but the weather soon matched the crowd’s upbeat outlook and the entire week was marked by comfortable low humidity and moderate temperatures.

“First, it was a safe AirVenture,” said EAA chairman Jack Pelton, “which is always our top priority, and we were blessed with a week of nearly perfect weather. We also met a number of other objectives this year, including reconnecting with our volunteers and members on the grounds, upgrading the food concessions and options and providing more value and activities throughout the day for attendees. We also received reports that many exhibitors had record sales, showing renewed optimism and enthusiasm in the aviation community.”

Last year, AirVenture attendance was 508,000, down from 541,000 in 2011. This year’s number was “comparable to 2012,” according to EAA, “with more than 500,000 in total estimated attendance.” A record 821 commercial exhibitors came to Oshkosh this year, up from 802 last year. Total aircraft numbered more than 10,000 (to Oshkosh and local airports), and 2,341 showplanes arrived, which included 867 homebuilts, 858 vintage airplanes, 343 warbirds, 130 ultralights, 92 seaplanes, 27 aerobatic aircraft and 24 miscellaneous showplanes.

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