Pentastar Mount Secures iPads In Cockpits

 - September 3, 2013, 4:10 AM
Pentastar’s full-size iPad mount is a simple, effective way to position an iPad for cockpit use.

Pentastar Aviation’s new Class 1 iPad mount is a simple and effective way to secure an iPad for cockpit use. The new mount is made of a thick piece of injection-molded plastic, topped by simple one-turn locking cams that hold the iPad firmly and safely. The mount attaches to a smooth, flat surface such as a window with a large suction cup.

The Pentastar mount, which sells for $100, is designed to fit iPad 2 and later models, including the new retina display iPads. The original iPad does not fit into the mount. Pentastar also offers iPad charging jacks that are compatible with the mount.

AIN tested the Pentastar mount with an iPad 2 in a Cessna Citation Mustang. With the iPad mini gaining in popularity for aviation uses, an airplane like the Mustang might be considered fairly small for the larger iPad, but it fit quite well when suction-cupped to the bottom corner of the windshield. This still allowed a clear view of the switches and instrument panel and made the iPad easy to view and control.

The Mustang’s pilot side windows use a thin plastic inner layer that is probably not suitable for installation of the heavier iPad and mount.

No certification is required to use the iPad and mount, as the FAA considers it a “viewable storage” device, according to Pentastar.

Pentastar also makes an iPad yoke mount for larger airplanes and the company is planning to release an iPad mini mount shortly.