AML Router On Piaggio Yields Full Broadband

 - September 4, 2013, 4:15 AM

Aviation Modification Leaders (AML) of Denton, Texas, completed the first installation of its high-speed AML 200 cabin router in a Piaggio Avanti.

The new carry-on/carry-off technology acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot and requires no STC. It allows up to 10 passengers in the aircraft simultaneous airborne access to Swiftbroadband Internet service worldwide (excluding polar regions) as well as a full complement of standard Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities with any personal electronic device, regardless of brand.

The Avanti in which the AML 200 was installed already had a compatible satcom system and the router required just three hours of labor for connectivity. It does require availability of a 60-Hz plug and RJ45 jack near the plug area. While the AML 200 does not work with the current Iridium system, it will be compatible with the next-generation Iridium, said founder and president Mark Lange.

The AML 200 lists for $17,500 and is being installed in a variety of aircraft from five of the major OEMs.