Elliptical Mobile Creates Zero Shock Spinoff

 - September 5, 2013, 1:40 AM

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) has launched Zero Shock Seating (ZSS), a spinoff company that is expected to “dramatically improve comfort, safety and overall performance” for various modes of transport, including aviation.

ZSS is a startup company based in Chandler, Ariz., with exclusive rights to negotiate ownership of a patented, semi-active suspension system. The technology substantially eliminates shock experienced by passengers in all vehicles by automatically adapting to both the driver’s body weight and changing levels of shock and vibration.

According to CEO Tony Cole, the early applications will be for trucks and automobiles. “But the potential is there to leverage the technology for uses in aviation, certainly for passenger comfort.”

“Zero Shock Seating absorbs every shock so quickly that the driver and passengers don’t even feel it happening.”