Hersman and Hart renominated for NTSB

 - October 3, 2013, 12:45 AM

NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman and vice chairman Christopher Hart have been renominated by the White House to new terms as members of the agency. In addition, the Obama Administration has also nominated Hersman to her third term as chairman.

Hersman was first appointed as an NTSB member by President Bush in 2004 and reappointed to a second five-year term by President Obama. She was named chairman by President Obama in 2009 and 2011, with unanimous Senate confirmation votes. This past August, President Obama nominated Hersman for a third term as chairman and a third term as a Safety Board member.

Pending Senate confirmation, the President designated her to serve as vice chairman, thus making her acting chairman of the NTSB.

Hart was sworn in as a member of the Board on Aug. 12, 2009, and designated by the President for a two-year term as vice chairman of the Board on Aug. 18, 2009. In August this year he was nominated for a second term on the NTSB. Hart previously served as an NTSB member from 1990 to 1993.

After leaving the Board in 1993, he served as deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration before moving to the FAA in 1995. Hart holds a law degree from Harvard University and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in aerospace engineering from Princeton University.

Hart is a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings. In 1926 his great uncle, James Herman Banning, was the first African-American to receive a pilot’s license issued by the U.S. government.