Mx Software Version 6.0 Released by Zululog.Com

 - October 5, 2013, 4:02 AM has released Version 6.0 of its online maintenance tracking service. According to the company, the new version retains its intuitive, explorer-based user interface but includes numerous improvements. Users can view the overall go-or-no-go status of their entire fleet with one line per aircraft. “From there, they can click to drill down into the status of each component, assembly or required inspection,” said Kelly Bonner, executive v-p of customer relations.

The revised software also allows the user to move components or assemblies between aircraft or assign them to inventory. Each component can contain an unlimited number of inspections or maintenance schedules, based on Hobbs hours, engine cycles, tach hours, number of flights, days, months, dates, torque events, RINs and landing cycles. Items can also be scheduled for calibration, overhaul, recertification or retirement.

The service also tracks required inspections and calibration schedules for tools used in aircraft maintenance. Documents such as spreadsheets, PDFs or images can be attached to maintenance records for secure cloud storage.

“One of our most widely used features is the Maintenance Due report, which lists all schedules coming due, with the most urgent items at the top,” Bonner said. “And the software is fully integrated into our pilot logbook system. As each pilot logs his flight activity, the maintenance system automatically updates Hobbs hours, engine time, landing cycles, RINs and squawks.”