Aerial View Continues To Add Products and Upgrades

 - October 7, 2013, 1:30 AM

Prominently on display at the Aerial View Systems exhibit at next month’s NBAA Convention will be the new AVS820-HD tail camera, which will also be featured on Gulfstream’s new G280 demonstrator.

The camera was fabricated using a Catia/five-axis CNC and is already being delivered for the Boeing Business Jet and private 747. The company has also done drawings for a Falcon 900.

One of the more unusual aspects of Aerial View’s AVS820-HD product is that it is delivered with a custom conforming enclosure, including heated sapphire window.

Aerial View also has something old that’s new again: the AVS860-HD dome camera. An upgraded version of the camera is making its reappearance with some nifty new features.

According to Aerial View founder and president Joe Brunner, the revival was prompted by a former customer who wanted a high-definition version rather than the older AVS480. Aerial View did that and more. The new, same-size AVS860-HD offers 1080p high definition, and it pans, tilts, zooms and offers continuous 360-degree scanning. Further, it fits neatly, if a bit tightly, into the old housing. Looking ahead, there is also an IP (Internet protocol) variant that will interface with the in-flight entertainment server.

“The former customer has ordered two, and plans to take two more when the new 747s are delivered,” said Brunner. “And there are about two dozen other customers who are likely to want the upgrade.”

Also in the works is a “miniature” AVS760-IP dome camera. Video output interfaces directly with the customer’s server, and while it does pan, tilt and zoom, the 360-degree scan is not continuous.

Also new is that the existing AVS420-HD and AVS460-SD glareshield cameras can be upgraded to the AVS800-HD. If the aircraft system is standard definition (SD), the AVS800-HD can be down-converted to standard definition, which at more than 700 lines is still a high-resolution picture.

Aerial View sees an active market for the new AVS800-HD, as some 1,000 aircraft with AVS420/460 cameras are now in service with standard definition. “If the customer wants to upgrade the old standard system to HD, it can be easily done.”