EmptyLegMarket Adds API For Charter Scheduling Software Integration

 - November 3, 2013, 1:00 AM

EmptyLegMarket has added two new capabilities to its online clearinghouse for charter flights with empty seats that are available to generate revenue. The first, an Apple iOS app that allows users to bid on a price for potential empty legs, went live in early August. The newest EmptyLegMarket feature is integration of its scheduling software with other charter scheduling systems.

Users of EmptyLegMarket were asking for the ability to integrate their software scheduling systems with EmptyLegMarket so their customers could more easily view and book empty-leg trips, according to Elliott Schwartz, director of operations. EmptyLegMarket provides the application programming interface (API) to charter operators and will help them set up their software to integrate with EmptyLegMarket’s system. Once integrated, the charter operators do not have to log into EmptyLegMarket to post each suitable trip, and the charter customer can view and book available empty legs.

The new API can be integrated with almost any commercial charter scheduling software or in-house-developed programs, according to Schwartz. The software integration is available as part of the normal subscription fee charged by EmptyLegMarket, and there is no per-flight fee. For more complex software integrations, EmptyLegMarket may charge additional fees to help hook up the system with the charter provider’s software.

The EmptyLegMarket iPhone app with a name-your-price bidding feature for charter flights allows users to enter the desired trip, the amount of the bid and payment information. Users are submitting bids, and bids are coming from around the world. Submitting bids requires inputting credit-card information.