Banyan Warns Magnastar System Going Out of Service

 - November 4, 2013, 5:10 AM

With Magnastar system service set to be discontinued next month, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport-based Banyan Air Service is urging operators to plan their upgrades soon, warning that the number of qualified shops and available equipment is nearing capacity. There are approximately 1,100 Magnastar operators.

“Neither the crew nor the maintenance personnel want the boss asking why the phone is not working,” said Brian Wilson, Banyan’s director of avionics. “The Magnastar phone has been a stable system on board these aircraft for more than 25 years, but like any technology the time has come to remove this voice-only system and upgrade to one that allows Internet and email as well as voice communication.”

He added, “No one likes to down their aircraft to perform an installation, and we took the time to study how we can reduce the downtime to a minimum and make sure customers receive the best deal and largest savings available. Vendors are offering some sweet deals that allow you to save up to $20,000, but if you wait until after the end of the year these savings will be gone.”