FlightSafety Offers ADS-B Training Online

 - December 4, 2013, 12:15 AM

As government mandates for equipage with ADS-B out avionics begin this month (generally above 29,000 feet in some countries’ airspace), FlightSafety International has launched an ADS-B online training program. The FAA-approved 45-minute course costs $165 per person and is available at FlightSafety’s eLearning website. Subjects covered include operating principles and procedures, flight planning, MEL issues, phraseology, emergency codes, incident reporting and more. Participants will also be introduced to two technologies that aren’t part of the mandates but will likely be used by business jet operators: ADS-B in (which many are already using with portable receivers) and the in-trail procedure, which reduces spacing on trans-oceanic routes.