Interjet Takes Third SSJ100

 - December 4, 2013, 4:30 AM

The third Sukhoi Superjet 100 for Mexican airline Interjet landed in Toluca, Mexico, on November 6, joining two SSJ100s already in service with the airline. The aircraft rolled out from SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice, Italy, upon completion of customization and a technical acceptance procedure on November 5. On the same day, MSN 95208 took off from Venice Marco Polo Airport for the ferry flight to Toluca, following stops in Keflavik, Iceland, and Bangor, Maine.

During their first four weeks of operation, the first two Interjet Superjets, MSN 95023 and MSN 95024, flew an average of 9.74 block hours daily and posted a dispatch reliability rate of 99.03 percent, the airline reported.

As of October 29 Interjet’s pair of SSJ100s had logged almost 600 flight hours and more than 580 flight cycles during commercial operations. From the start of operations on September 18 the aircraft registered seven delays averaging 23 minutes in duration.