FltPlan.com Weight-and-balance Covers 400+ Aircraft

 - January 5, 2014, 4:10 AM

The free weight-and-balance program developed by FltPlan is available for more than 400 makes and model of aircraft and can be used either on the FltPlan website or on its iPad and Android apps. The company added 165 new makes and models to the program since March. Flight departments can share weight-and-balance profiles so all users are working with the same parameters. The iPad and Android app versions can be used offline, too. Users can also email the final results to maintain a record of the weight-and-balance calculations. FltPlan launched the free weight-and-balance feature 18 months ago and since then users have created 38,000 weight-and-balance profiles, according to the company. The weight-and-balance feature can also be accessed from the “Tools” section in FltPlan’s new Go iPad app, which also provides own-ship position display on maps and approach charts at no charge.