Global Xpress Satellite Launch Paves Way for Ka-band Satcom

 - January 5, 2014, 3:10 AM

The first Inmarsat-5 Ka-band Global Xpress satellite was launched successfully on December 8. The satellite was expected to reach its final position in a geo-synchronous elliptical orbit by the end of last month. This is the first of three satellites that will create the seamless GX Aviation high-speed satcom network, with performance up to 50 Mbps that can deliver streaming video. GX Aviation mobile broadband service is slated to begin next year, after two other satellites are sent aloft this year. Each satellite weighs more than six metric tons and can provide 89 Ka-band beams. Honeywell is the exclusive reseller of GX Aviation airtime and hardware for business aviation and it is working with distribution partners to sell GX Aviation services to business aviation end-users. These partners include Aircell, Arinc Direct, OnAir, Satcom1 and Satcom Direct.