ProFlight Online CitationJet Ground School Gets FAA Approval For Currency Training

 - April 7, 2014, 12:55 AM

Simulator training provider ProFlight received FAA approval for its online CitationJet ground-school program for pilots in recurrency training for the Citation 525 and 525S. The ProFlight CitationJet Learning Management System (LMS) is interactive and students can not only view animations of systems but also manipulate switches and controls to see how they affect the systems.

The advantage of the LMS is that students can complete ground-school studies at home before traveling to ProFlight’s facility in Carlsbad, Calif. for Part 61.58 currency training. This frees up time for students to focus on more critical training events while they are at ProFlight and can even shorten the time pilots need to spend in Carlsbad. “Attending CJ Systems ground school remotely provides a more meaningful and focused simulator training experience while onsite,” said ProFlight founder Caleb Taylor.

In addition to the interactive features of the LMS, ProFlight also emails LMS clients regularly with a “CJ Current 365 Currency Question.” These one-question quizzes are a way to keep clients familiar with the CitationJet between training events. Clients can set up their own frequency to receive questions or stick with the default setting of every two weeks.

“The LMS allowed me to begin learning the systems and abnormal procedures at my own pace and at the times of my choosing, since it’s a web-based application,” said corporate pilot Dave McNary. “Unlike just reading about emergency procedures and trying to imagine where in the cockpit the switches are and how the systems respond, the online course has animation. I was actually able to throw the switches following the abnormal checklist to see the systems respond. It was fantastic.”