Aeria Luxury Interiors Shows Off Bizliner Refurbs

 - May 7, 2014, 3:55 AM
Design preferences in Asia range from traditional to modern and contemporary, as seen in this interior by Aeria Luxury Interiors.

Airbus- and Boeing-approved completion center Aeria Luxury Interiors of San Antonio, a subsidiary of ST Aerospace, highlighted its recent cabin refurbishment of a Boeing 767-200, and plans for its first BBJ green cabin completion. The BBJ is scheduled to arrive at Aeria from Boeing this December. Its interior will incorporate a humidification and zonal drying system to enhance passenger comfort, said Ron Soret, v-p and general manager for completions. Delivery to the customer is expected in October next year.

Aeria recently acquired 3-D printing capability for prototyping proof-of-design concepts, and to fabricate complex decorative pieces and non-structural parts for its interiors. This year it will create an additional 14,000 sq ft of space for a cabinetry and upholstery shop, as well as a stand-alone sales and interior design building.

Soret said the Chinese-Asian market has “a particularly high regard for symbolism in the layout of the aircraft interior,” and a round table is typically an important feature in the cabin. “We have also seen a large number of requests for mahjong tables equipped with auto shuffling mechanisms,” he says, “as mahjong is still a highly popular game in the Chineseand Asian societies today.”

Others find cabin design and furnishing preferences in the region highly variable, ranging from traditional with gold and red color and old-fashioned plush style, to clean and modern contemporary.