I grew up in an era of U.S. pre-eminence in aviation and in the future of aviation, and I want to see us retain that position.
Q500 quadcopter
Quadcopters are fun and capable machines, but pilots need to operate them safely and carefully.
COO Randy Padfield and production director Mary Mahoney, who are retiring this month, with current editor-in-chief Charles Alcock.
For the first time since the Great Recession began - six long, frustrating, challenging years ago - I think the worst is behind us.
The NTSB could do more to see what role fatigue and organizational culture played in the Aug. 14, 2013 crash of a UPS A300.
Business Jet Traveler wins editorial prizes, and announces a redesign
Invoices for business-jet travel can be complex, but a recent trend could help change that.
Barrington Irving
Barrington Irving's visit to Southern California inspires ideas about how to attract kids to aviation careers.
Radio control glider
Model airplanes are aircraft, according to the National Transportation Safety Board