A passenger disembarking from a business jet
Advice for companies looking to refine their aircraft executive use policies
Mike Harrah earned hundreds of millions as a real estate developer, but first he picked pineapples for 45 cents an hour.
Here are five attributes shared by highly successful BJT interviewees.
There is only a little time left to comment on a petition for exemption from the third-class medical requirement for pilots flying recreationally.
David Lombardo first flight
Exactly 43 years earlier I had my first flying lesson. So much for nostalgia.
Warren Buffett
NetJets' $9.6 billion business-jet order could be the finest example ever of Buffett the contrarian pulling the trigger, says one Wall Street observer..
Delta Connection CRJ200
A proposed new scope clause at Delta Air Lines would slash 50-seat jet fleets among Delta Connection carriers.
Rockwell Collins chairman, president and CEO Clayton M. Jones
Rockwell Collins CEO Clay Jones is not overly optimistic about the prospects of achieving NextGen.
Security lines at Orlando
John Mica is looking for a way for airports to switch passenger screening from the TSA to private companies.
The FAA needs to take a leadership role in addressing crewmember mental-health issues.
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