Toy R/C Helicopter
The agency is attempting to stave off disaster by having owners of larger R/C aircraft and drones register them. The odds are stacked against it.
AIN's Wilson Leach
Last year at this time, I predicted that the worst was over for the world economy; and I said that 2015 would witness sustained growth in business aviation
Is the FAA Doing All It Should Be?
How does this incredibly experienced, long-time crew end up with a habitual failure to comply with checklists?
The plan to enact rules for registration of drones will open a huge can of worms.
Pieces of paper won’t prevent an accident, but a safety culture backed by documentation that is believed in and adhered to will go a long way.
By not issuing reasonable rules for drones, the FAA is making their operators comfortable with not having to follow any rules.
777 fire
Full-scale passenger evacuation demonstrations don't seem to match the reality of peoples' behavior in an emergency.
The mechanics were candid about the maintenance errors that began the chain of events that ultimately led to the in-flight emergency.
The FAA and aviation industry are not making effective use of the Service Difficulty Reporting database.