NBAA Convention News

Attracting youthful minds important for future of bizav

 - October 19, 2010, 4:18 AM

The NBAA National Meeting and Convention will be hosting a Career in Business Aviation Day on Thursday for local youth from 12 years old to college students. The goal of this initiative is to slow the erosion of existing talent in the business aviation industry and attract the next generation of aviation enthusiasts and innovators.

The Career Day will feature keynote speakers such as decorated NASA pilot Captain Eugene Cernan and George Dom, former commanding officer and flight leader of the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, also known as the “Blue Angels.”

As a recent college graduate, I can confirm the positive role a career fair can play in a youthful life. A student of any field can never truly understand what his or her prospective field will have in store. Meeting the people in the industry and being educated on exactly what they do in their profession can be monumental in the inspiration of students.

The NBAA Annual Convention is the perfect vehicle for this type of inspiration. The bright lights and exotic exhibits can bring excitement to any impressionable mind.

These types of events are exactly what the business aviation industry needs. The industry must continue to attract the best young minds of today in order to thrive in the future. Innovations like aircraft efficiency and emission reduction will only continue to improve with kids being more influenced by green standards and ideals.

If you see any curious youth wandering the show floor at NBAA 2010 make sure to extend a warm welcome. They might grow up to be the future leaders of business aviation.