The dicey situation in which JetBlue captain Clayton Osbon apparently suffered some kind of mental breakdown on a flight from New York to Las Vegas
Cessna Grand Caravan at Abace 2012
This year’s Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (Abace) has been a real eye-opener
Small companies need to plan for emergencies, too.
Global Hawk Block 30
UAVs show tremendous promise, but pilots aren't done yet.
ASA promotes Build A Plan for aerospace education
Pilots in cockpit
A new rule stiffening pilot hiring requirements will cost regional airlines dearly.
Senators look to add helo air-tour restrictions to highway bill.
Now in its 22nd year, ATC Global faces competition from a new event, the World ATM Congress.
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Presidential candidates shouldn't apologize for using private aviation.
Rep. Jerry Costello
User fees–like any number of bad ideas–never seem to die in Washington.