Twitter Should Be Business Aviation's Best Friend

 - October 17, 2010, 10:06 AM

The power of Twitter compels you. Well, at least, it should.

When it comes to online business networking, Twitter is king. But business aviation veterans have been hesitant to adopt networking tools, such as Twitter, to increase awareness and outside interaction with the aviation world. I have heard phrases like “It’s not used in our demographic,” and “I don’t have the time,” which to me sounds suspiciously like an excuse.

The fact is that Twitter is used in every demographic. It is extremely easy to do. Instead of dreading about teaching people the basic lesson on how TO use Twitter, I think it is more important to educate them how they CAN use Twitter.

Experts say that people often read only the first couple sentences of a news story and then move on. With a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet (a message on Twitter), every message is short (usually sacrificing proper spelling and grammar), making it easy to get a simple point across.

With people in the aviation world constantly on the move, Twitter can give them quick headlines from the news outlets they deem important. Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, predicts social networking will eventually replace the role of email in our society. Considering the amount of time I have noticed pilots spending on their Blackberry devices, it would be best to adopt the role of Twitter a day early rather than a day late.

People can choose to follow whomever they choose, like @AINonline, so they can stay up to date on any breaking news published by AIN, or choose to scroll past it. Tweets can come directly to your email, through instant message or on a computer over the Internet.

Twitter can also be used as a personal public relations tool. After news is posted on Twitter, a two-way conversation can ensue. Imagine having an online press conference through Twitter after every press release, by the people who make the decisions, wherever they are in the world. Or imagine having the ability to see consumer or industry reaction, in writing, immediately after an announcement is made.

Aircell will be on a mission at the NBAA Convention in Atlanta to expose flight departments to Twitter. Get educated and don’t miss out on the opportunities social networking can provide.