The debate about privatizing the air traffic control system in the U.S. should be over: it's a bad idea.
Paris 2015 covers
There will be plenty of fascinating displays.
Getting safety information from frontline workers, analyzing it and using it to take corrective action is critical to avoiding future problems
The benefits exist, but veterans need to be allowed to use them.
DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter
The winning raffle envelope at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit this year was delivered by a quadcopter.
The aviation industry made some strides last year, but there remains plenty of room for improvement.
JN-4 Jenny
Do we truly need all FAA regulations, or have some run their course?
The Supreme Court elected not to hear a case involving a flight-sharing company's attempt to offer services to the general public.
Will flight-sharing ever take off in the U.S., or will the Supreme Court quash such efforts?
It is time for authorities to tackle head on the misperception that electing to go-around is embarrassing for pilots.