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AirCell’s Axxess is certified for wireless

 - November 8, 2006, 6:55 AM

AirCell (Both No. 2085) is displaying the newly certified wireless function of its Axxess flagship satcom system. Axxess was certified in April and hardware already exists in systems in service that will allow a software field upgrade that will activate the wireless function mode.

In addition, said AirCell president and CEO Jack Blumenstein, AirCell has also successfully completed integration testing that will allow operators to add their choice of Inmarsat data connections to Axxess.

The wireless approval and Inmarsat integration, said Blumenstein, “continues to fulfill the vision we had for Axxess from the very beginning–the system’s modularity and expandability is tremendous.”

With the wireless function enabled, Axxess provides an 802.11bg wireless hotspot aboard the airplane. When a broadband connection (such as Inmarsat or AirCell broadband) is installed, passengers can use the Axxess in-cabin wireless connection to seamlessly operate laptops and other 802.11bg Wi-Fi devices to surf the Internet, use e-mail and log on to their corporate virtual private network.

AirCell’s new Wi-Fi handsets, already certified, are to be available next spring and are designed to interface with Axxess wireless capabilities with no additional adaptation.