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BBJ announces $2.25 billion in bizliner orders

 - November 8, 2006, 6:26 AM

Boeing Business Jets, best known for its BBJ series based on variants of the next-generation Boeing 737 airliners, recently announced that in the past 11 months it has taken orders totaling $2.25 billion. In addition it has made contracts for 14 BBJs, and taken orders for executive/VIP versions of the 787-8 (one), 787-9 (three) and 747-8s (three). A deal for a fourth 787 is close to being signed.

According to Boeing Business Jets president Steven Hill, the company is already making plans to deliver 787s to independent completion centers in two forms–“green” and “green, green VVIP.” The basic green aircraft will come off the line pretty much as it does in its airliner guise. The “100-percent” VVIP variant will be as stripped down as possible to allow completion centers a broader canvas upon which to work their magic in designing a highly customized cabin.

Hill made it clear that the days when Boeing Business Jets was the little guy making a few business jets from 737s are over and the company has become a major contributor to the bottom line. “$2.25 billion is real money,” he said with a chuckle. “We are thrilled with the continued success of the original Boeing Business Jets airplane family, and the amazing market interest in our widebody jets.”

The executive/VIP version of the 787-8 offers 2,404 sq ft of cabin space and a range of 9,590 nm, with 75 passengers, giving it nonstop, point-to-point range to virtually anywhere on the planet. The -9 version has 2,762 sq ft of deck space and a range of 9,950 nautical miles.

The executive/VIP 747-8 has a cabin with 4,786 sq ft and can carry 100 passengers up to 9,260 nm.