NBAA Convention News

ESIS Featured by L-3 Avionics

 - November 8, 2006, 8:41 AM

L-3 Avionics Systems (Booth No. 4299) is featuring its electronic standby instrument system (ESIS), including the GH-3000 attitude/air data and EHSI-4000 horizontal situation electronic indicators, which will be added to Cessna’s upgraded Citation XLS+. The Citation XLS+ joins the Citation Sovereign in offering the GH-3000 and EHSI-4000 standby indicators.

The L-3 Avionics standby suite has been designed to replace conventional electromechanical instruments and will provide attitude, airspeed, heading, altitude, slip/skid and navigation data in dual three-inch ATI flat-panel displays. The display boasts clear off-axis viewing and anti-aliasing of graphics for crisp readouts at any attitude.

The standby system can be customized to visually match an aircraft’s primary flight display system. The companion EHSI-4000 provides distance, bearing and course information in a lightweight, compact package. The Citation XLS+ will place the GH-3000 and EHSI-4000 alongside new Collins Pro Line 21 displays.