NBAA Convention News

Firms melding EVS with SVS

 - November 8, 2006, 5:20 AM

Chelton Flight Systems (Booth No. 5184) and Kollsman, Inc. (Booth No. 3047) have announced a collaboration to combine Chelton’s synthetic-vision EFIS and Kollsman’s general aviation vision system (GAViS) technologies in products that will target a market ranging from light trainers to small and medium-size business aircraft.

The companies said an early example of the joint effort could involve integration of Kollsman infrared-based enhanced-vision systems (EVS) and Chelton synthetic-vision systems (SVS). For example, Chelton’s highway-in-the-sky flight path marker and head-up display (HUD) symbology could be overlaid over the Kollsman GAViS real-time IR imagery to make IFR approaches in darkness and low visibility easier and safer.

Chelton Flight Systems president Gordon Pratt said his company designed the EFIS to combine all flight instruments in one scan with a real-time display of 3-D terrain, towers and traffic. He said that integrating imagery from an actual forward-looking infrared camera, such as Kollsman’s GAViS, will enhance overall image validity.

“The Kollsman GAVis has been developed to improve pilot forward vision at night and in some low-visibility conditions,” noted Randy Moore, Kollsman executive v-p and general manager. GAViS can be easily interfaced with any video-capable head-up or head-down display, he added. Chelton Flight Systems will take the lead in certifying the collaborative products, while Kollsman will provide certifiable products and certification support.