NBAA Convention News

Pro Line 21 selected for new Citations, Hawkers

 - November 8, 2006, 8:28 AM

Rockwell Collins (Booth No. 265) announced a series of new positions for its Pro Line 21 integrated avionics and previewed future products including a fusion of synthetic vision and infrared enhanced vision which the company calls SE Vision.  Denny Helgeson, v-p and general manager for business and regional systems, described four-tube Pro Line 21 suites for the Cessna XLS+ and the new CJ4 and several completed retrofits.

Raytheon Aircraft has also selected Pro Line 21 avionics and, as an option, the Airshow 21 cabin management system for its Hawker 750 and Hawker 900XP aircraft.  The flight decks for both aircraft will feature an integrated Pro Line 21 avionics system that includes four 8- by 10-inch active-matrix LCD displays; the FMS-6000 flight management system (FMS); the integrated flight information system (IFIS); and Pro Line 21 communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) radios.

The Airshow 21 system will offer passengers user-friendly LCD touch screens at each seat, plus one on each divan armrest. The VIP chair occupant can control the entire cabin temperature, lighting and entertainment systems.

Also, on September 29 Collins completed STC flights for Pro Line 21 avionics on the new Bombardier Learjet 60XR business jet. The installation was completed by Rockwell Collins’ certification center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Learjet 60 XR Pro Line 21 package includes four 8- by 10-inch LCD displays, a Pro Line 21 CNS radio suite, dual FMS-5000 flight management systems, weather radar and the Rockwell Collins IFIS. The advanced IFIS features include electronic charts with optional graphical weather and enhanced maps overlays. A second IFIS system is also available as optional equipment to enable paperless operations.

Bombardier Flexjet has chosen Collins’ newly introduced Tailwind 300 satellite TV system and the SAT-6100 high-speed data satcom for its Challenger 604 and 605 fractional fleet. The systems will be installed over the next five years. “This underscores our commitment to provide affordable live television and office connectivity to the business jet marketplace in systems that are small, lightweight and backed by our world-class customer service and support,” said Tim Rayl, Rockwell Collins senior director of business and regional systems marketing.

Rockwell Collins has teamed with DirectTV to provide one of the largest airborne content offerings available including CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg, MSNBC, ESPN, Golf Channel, Premium Sports Package, and more than 60 music channels from XM Radio.

The SAT-6100 data system uses Inmarsat AeroH/H+ and Swift64 services to deliver three Aero-H/H+ channels and two simultaneous channels of Swift64 (128 kbs) for Internet, e-mail, fax and digital phone capabilities. In addition, the system incorporates hardware provisions to support Inmarsat’s future SwiftBroadband service that will provide data speeds of up to 432 kbs.

Collins also announced that Transport Canada’s Aircraft Services Directorate will update its fleet of nine Citation II aircraft with the Pro Line 21 integrated display system (IDS) through an installation by Mid-Canada Mod Center/Kitchener Aero Avionics of Toronto, Ontario, under an STC to be performed by March next year.

The Pro Line 21 IDS upgrade will feature three 8- by 10-inch LCDs, turbulence alerting weather radar and IFIS. Additionally, Transport Canada will add a Collins FMS, CNS radios and TCAS II.