Another EFIS Package STC’d for the PC-12

 - November 13, 2006, 5:38 AM

The FAA granted Innovative Solutions & Support an STC on September 14 for installation of two and four 10-inch display units in the Pilatus PC-12. Like its previous PC-12 approval for installation of two 15-inch display units, IS&S’ new STC includes the cockpit/information portal and TCAS, TAWS and RVSM compatibility. IS&S dealer Epps Aviation is charging $210,000 for the PC-12 four-display unit system, including EFB on both pilot and copilot sides. Another IS&S dealer, Western Aircraft, set “rough” pricing at $135,000 for the two-display unit system ($160,000 with an EFB) and $215,000 for four displays with EFB on one side. Kansas City Aviation Center in June received an STC for installation of a three-screen Universal Avionics LCD EFIS in the PC-12. Pilatus Aircraft is looking at new avionics for the turboprop single, and industry opinion suggests that the company will soon announce selection of Honeywell’s Apex system.