ARG/US Wins Injunction Against CharterX

 - November 13, 2006, 5:55 AM

A North Carolina judge issued an injunction recently against charter facilitator CharterX, its new Wyvern Consulting charter audit unit and a former ARG/US employee for allegedly using proprietary information from ARG/US computers without the company's permission. "The timing of the lawsuit had nothing to do with CharterX's acquisition of Wyvern," said ARG/US attorney Walter Brock, who told AIN that ARG/US plans to file an additional complaint in the coming weeks citing a second former ARG/US employee. "[ARG/US] certainly believes that its intellectual property has been compromised, and we have reason to believe that that information has been used for the benefit of its competitors," Brock told AIN. CharterX president Jim Betlyon said, "Once CharterX acquired Wyvern, it was clear that ARG/US' competitive position with Wyvern would take a negative turn." Wyvern president Walter Lamon called the ARG/US claims "100 percent disingenuous."