Citation Mustang in the Homestretch

 - November 13, 2006, 11:30 AM

Cessna is halfway through the 150-hour function and reliability (F&R) flight-testing on the Citation Mustang very light jet, the last step before gaining Part 23 type certification, expected in the fourth quarter and possibly beating the Eclipse 500 VLJ to full, unrestricted certification. The TC will include approval for single-pilot operation, operations in RVSM airspace and an airframe designed for an unlimited lifetime. Approval for flight into known icing might also be achieved before F&R testing is completed. The Garmin G1000 avionics suite includes a new feature called SafeTaxi. Using the 15-inch multifunction display, SafeTaxi provides a pilot with a “graphical picture of more than 680 airports in the U.S., showing the aircraft’s exact position in relation to labeled taxiways, runways, and buildings during taxi,” Cessna said. Meanwhile, Pratt & Whitney Canada has received initial certification from Transport Canada for the dual-channel FADEC-controlled PW615F engines. Final certification for the engine and FADEC from Transport Canada and the FAA “is expected soon.”