Delay Likely for Runway Margin Requirement

 - November 13, 2006, 11:04 AM

The FAA is expected to push back “a few weeks” the implementation dates for the 15-percent runway safety margin requirement. A four-week delay, for example, would require air carriers to submit compliance procedures to their POI by October 1, with implementation required by November 1. In June, the FAA published a notice announcing a new requirement for air carriers, including Part 91 Subpart K and Part 135 operators, to conduct a landing-distance assessment just before landing, considering runway conditions, weather at time of arrival, airplane configuration and deceleration means. An additional 15-percent safety margin must be added to the landing-distance calculation. The FAA had planned to deliver Operations Specifications C082 on calculating new landing-distance safety margins by June 30, but the document is still in a draft version.