FAA Weighs Future of Airport Advisory Service

 - November 13, 2006, 8:03 AM

The FAA is requesting public comments on the usefulness of airport advisory services now available part- or full-time at 20 airports in the continental U.S. In the notice, the agency does not give a reason why it’s asking for comments, but it could be collecting data to help decide whether the cost of continuing the service is justified. The agency did say that since airport advisory service has “varying degrees of usage by the pilot community, it is important to obtain feedback from individual users and from user groups to ascertain the value of the service provided to the aviation community at those airports.” The FAA is particularly interested in comments concerning the “necessity of the service, the availability of the service, the importance of the service and how often the service is used. Users are also welcome to include comments concerning any other aspect of your experience with airport advisory service.”