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Firms team up to bring used midsize business jets to Japan

 - November 13, 2006, 9:59 AM

Providing more evidence that business aviation is beginning to cook in Japan, Nakanihon Air Service and Infinity Aviation Group of Nashua, N.H., have teamed to introduce pre-owned midsize corporate jets into the Japanese market.

Nagoya-based Nakanihon Air Service, established in 1953 and involved in fixed-wing and helicopter operations, will be responsible for marketing and customer interactions in Japan and will provide hangar and office space in its newly constructed complex.

Nagoya is hardly what Westerners would regard as close to Tokyo, at about 160 miles from downtown, but bullet-train service cuts journey time between the two cities to about two hours. Business aviation has long sought a wel-coming port in a country that has historically not seen fit to encourage or support handling of non-airline traffic, and Nagoya is playing an important role in changing the complexion of Japanese executive transportation.

Despite its distance from Tokyo, Nagoya is well placed to serve the main manufacturing district of Japan. “We are pleased to have Infinity Aviation Group working with us to help develop Japanese business aviation,” said Misao Nagae, general manager of the international business aircraft enterprise division of Nakanihon. “Nagoya Airport creates a unique opportunity for business aircraft to come to Japan without the customary costs and restrictions associated with landing at the Tokyo airports.”

Infinity Aviation Group was established in 1998 as an aircraft management and charter sales company headquartered on Nashua Airport, N.H., and with sales offices in White Plains, N.Y. “We are excited to be teamed with such a venerable company as Nakanihon and to participate in the vanguard of the burgeoning Asian business jet market,” said Kenneth Silverman, Infinity CEO.

“We believe our current Hawker program is well suited for Japanese companies with factories throughout Asia,” Silverman continued, “and Nagoya Airport affords us the perfect location and circumstances to achieve the controlled growth we require and anticipate for the coming years.”

Infinity will oversee the acquisition and completion of aircraft in the U.S., and it will also be responsible for maintenance and operational control in Nagoya.