Getting the Bird Before It Gets You

 - November 13, 2006, 11:11 AM

A recent study of non-military multi-engine jet aircraft bird encounters over a 30-year period has resulted in proposed revisions to the engine bird ingestion airworthiness standards of Part 33. According to the FAA, the study showed 340 bird-ingestion events out of 325 million departures. The study also concluded that the proposed rule should address the dual-engine power loss hazard, since the data indicated that more-than-two-engine loss of power events are “extremely improbable,” the FAA said. Among other revisions, the proposal would add a new provision that would require engine manufacturers to subject new engine designs to ingestion tests of large flocking birds weighing more than 1.15 kg (2.5 lbs) and up to 3.65 kg (8 lbs). The proposed changes would also harmonize FAA regulations with the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency. Comments are due September 18. For more information, contact the FAA at (781) 238-7199.