Hawker 4000 Exemptions Granted with Conditions

 - November 13, 2006, 9:37 AM

The FAA has granted, with conditions, Raytheon Aircraft’s request that the Hawker 4000 be temporarily exempted from having to meet certain Part 25 fuel tank ignition and hydraulic system performance amendments to enable the aircraft to receive type certification (TC) by year-end. Under the conditions of the exemptions, the aircraft will still have to meet certain provisions of both amendments before the FAA will issue the TC. However, the company will have until Sept. 1, 2008, to show compliance with the remaining provisions of the ignition prevention rules (FAR 25.981) and June 1 next year to demonstrate compliance with the remaining provisions of the hydraulic system rules (FAR 25.1435). In addition, the FAA said it would not issue new airworthiness certificates for the type after these dates unless the newly produced airplanes are in compliance. On May 31, Raytheon Aircraft reached the FAA’s five-year time limit for certification of the Hawker 4000 under Part 25 amendments that existed at the time of the TC application. In anticipation of not receiving TC before the deadline, Raytheon applied for an extension on May 11, and the FAA granted an extension of seven months, to December 31.