MagnaStar Customers Weigh Options

 - November 13, 2006, 9:46 AM

It didn’t take long for Iridium resellers to start targeting MagnaStar customers after service provider Verizon Airfone announced plans to exit the general aviation business. AirCell has introduced Axxess EZ, a two-channel Iridium satcom system that is intended as a direct replacement for the old MagnaStar phones. The system uses the same wiring and includes wireless capability for buyers who also choose to add a broadband satellite Internet connection. International Communications Group, another Iridium hardware seller, said it is offering single- and dual-channel satcom systems that operate with MagnaStar equipment through a MagnaStar avionics interface unit. Service provider Satcom Direct, meanwhile, introduced PlaneSimple, an Inmarsat calling plan targeted at the 4,000 MagnaStar customers who will be without service when Verizon pulls the plug on December 4.