Piper Selects FJ44-3A Version To Power PiperJet

 - November 13, 2006, 5:21 AM

At AOPA Expo yesterday Piper announced it had selected a variant of the Williams International FJ44-3A turbofan to power its new PiperJet. The Fadec-equipped FJ44-3AP will have a maximum thrust rating of 3,000 pounds but will be derated to 2,400 pounds for use in the new single-engine very light jet. Piper plans to fly the PiperJet in spring 2008 and start deliveries in 2010. According to the company, the new aircraft will have a guaranteed maximum cruise speed of 360 knots (+5 percent/-2.5 percent), an mtow of about 7,000 pounds, a guaranteed 1,300-nm maximum range and a guaranteed full-fuel payload of 800 pounds. Maximum cabin altitude will be 8,000 feet at the aircraft’s operational ceiling of 35,000 feet. It will feature standard seating for six occupants and side-stick controllers and be certified under Part 23 for single-pilot operations. Price of the PiperJet in 2006 dollars is $2.199 million, Piper said.