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Track fuel prices with Arinc Direct online tool

 - November 13, 2006, 5:54 AM

Arinc Direct has introduced an online tool called the Virtual Fuel Desk to help its business aviation customers boost their fuel purchasing power. The program provides comparative pricing from multiple fuel suppliers at virtually all major U.S. and Canadian airports and FBOs frequently used by business aviation.

Aside from the benefits of buying fuel online, users enjoy favorable rates pre-negotiated by Arinc Direct. The company now includes the Virtual Fuel Desk service with all Arinc Direct subscriptions.

“[Operators] no longer need to scan multiple Web sites and weekly price lists, or make multiple phone calls,” said Arinc Aviation Solutions vice president Steve Means. “We gather all the latest information here and make it available online. Our customers can simply point and click to obtain the fuel release of their choice.”

Although the Virtual Fuel Desk costs nothing extra to use, customers can still buy fuel through the company’s full-service fuel desk, which covers more than 2,200 locations worldwide.

According to Arinc Direct, the Virtual Fuel Desk is the only fuel search program that shows pricing at multiple airports and FBOs across a region. Users can select an FBO and generate an electronic fuel release for e-mail or fax in a flight-planning package.

For international trips, Arinc Direct reaches out to its global network of fuel providers for the best pricing and offers custom quotes for its operators. The service allows operators to avoid calling overseas to ensure that the handler accepts a fuel release. It also reduces workload because operators can receive one invoice for an entire trip.